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Nicole Anderson

Voice, Piano, Guitar, & Ukulele

Nicole Anderson studied music education  at Portland State University, with a focus on elementary education and voice. She began performing in choirs at a young age, and has continued to perform in choir while at her University.

Through her studies, she has performed solo vocal repertoire and learned the basics of many different instruments. She believes that all children have the capacity to play instruments, dance, move, and sing with the natural abilities that are inside all of us.  

Her approach to private lessons is entering with the mentality of having fun and creating a lifelong love for music. Voice, keyboard, beginning guitar and Ukulele are the preferred lesson.

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Sean Kenny

Drums, Guitar, Piano

Sean Kenny was raised in a military family that moved around frequently, so he has experienced and performed a wide variety of music in locations from England all the way to Hawai'i.  He has been playing music for 17 years, and now finds himself in Portland, OR to pursue his passion for performing and teaching. 


After being heavily involved in his high school music programs in New Jersey and Maryland, including concert band, all-state band, jazz band, and marching band, he went on to perform with the University of Hawai'i Jazz Orchestra for 7 years.  In addition to music, he also studied education and astronomy at university.  Outside of school, Sean was a regular performer and instructor in East Hawai'i County, playing a variety of music at local venues ranging from jazz, to rock, blues, reggae, fusion, and even some more eclectic music like the works of Frank Zappa. 


Sean truly enjoys every aspect of music; performing, teaching, listening, learning, and hopes to convey his passion to his students.

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Kylie Briggs

Voice, Piano

Hailing from the Silicon Valley, Kylie received her Bachelor of Music in Film Scoring from California State University, Northridge, as well as her AA in Vocal Performance and a certification in Scoring for Film, TV and Gaming at West Valley College in Saratoga, CA. 


Her musical background is primarily in voice and piano, with a over ten years of experience in musical theater, classical voice, choir, and rock bands. She is also a songwriter and independent producer, both as a solo artist and with groups. In addition to her work in media composition, she studied arranging, conducting, jazz studies, and world music. She has written music for video games, short films, and animated shorts. Kylie has always had a zest for the ever-changing nature of the music industry, as well as the countless styles and genres.


Her focus as an instructor is to work with each individual’s musical goals and interests, and ultimately to inspire and nurture the joy of being a musician.


Luke Swearengin

Guitar, Voice, Piano, Ukulele

Luke is a future music educator, and is eager and ready to teach Voice, Guitar, Piano, and ukulele.  He was an active member in his high school choir, and has awards for classical tenor voice and solo musical theater singing. 


Guitar was his first love and he has been playing and learning this instrument for over 13 years, and can teach new and experienced students alike.  He also has experience in recording and song writing and performance etiquette.  


While he is accomplished as a musician, his passion is teaching, and cannot wait to share his talent and love for music with everyone.

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Kevin Payne

Bass, Guitar, Ukulele, Piano

Kevin Merrill Payne was born and raised in California's Napa Valley, where he took an interest in music at a very early age. Given that his parents exposed him to different genres of music ranging from Classic Rock to Flamenco, he grew up listening to a lot of bands and artists that featured generous use of the guitar. It was when he was 13 years old that he first decided to start playing said instrument.


Since then, he has been in scores of bands, composed numerous songs, played at dozens of venues and events, and recorded on many published tracks. Kevin has also taken years of both formal and informal training to hone his skills and knowledge around music and the guitar. During high school, he was given private lessons by both a free-lance guitar teacher and various instructors at Napa School of Music.


After high school, he took several semesters worth of schooling at Napa Valley College for Music Theory, Ear Training, and Ensemble. Nowadays, he lives in Portland, Oregon where he regularly collaborates with other local artists and eagerly awaits the next project or student that comes his way.


Eric Blood

Voice, Guitar, Piano, Ukulele

Eric is a musician with over 15 years’ experience teaching music and over 20 years' experience performing on the stage. Eric grew up around the arts and has been performing since he was 3 years old. He attended the Utah High School for the Performing and Fine Arts, where he sang, performed, and played music constantly.


He received a B.A. in Music Dance Theatre from Emerson Smith College and has attended the Victor Wooten Center for Music and nature three times. Eric’s teaching curriculum is simple: Get the student playing music as soon as possible, as much as possible. Let students’ play songs that matter to them, that they think are cool. This is how you cultivate passion.


Eric bases this philosophy on his experiences playing on stage and in the studio. He has found that most students’ minds impede their progress. Music is a physical act: Teach the body and the rest will follow. This is the natural way.